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“Don’t think foolish thoughts. You’re gravely injured, and should rest calmly. Don’t think about SIG,” the pretty girl said exasperatedly after looking at the brainwave scans.


Malolo smiled slightly. “A lad from Earth who had just passed twenty leading a bunch of misfits, excuse the French, and yet managed to advance to the quarterfinals. After this SIG, he is very likely to become one of the youngest warriors to be named in the top one hundred of the X battle standings. Who should I favour, if not him?”


However, the Saruman Snake battle team was not discouraged. They had indeed “climbed” from the bottom to achieve what they had today. They were accustomed to the pressure. Furthermore, for a team that had worked so hard together and having gone through several phases of mistrust and trust, these young people had already built a very special bond. Everyone only had a fixed period of youthful days in their lifetime, no one could turn back time. Even if they had never spoken about it, a special trust had already rooted in their hearts.


The Milky Way Alliance’s House of Representatives election, held every five years, was imminent. Aslan had always occupied the most seats, and the number of seats guaranteed Aslan’s foundational future for its plans in the next five years.


Lin Feng struck the spear. A loud bang. The energy warrior actually blocked Lin Feng’s attack. The other five energy warriors attacked in an instant.


Naturally, Wang Zheng would not evade. The Stacking Force followed immediately. Wang Zheng was blameless since the Stacking Force was the only thing he knew. Aragorn, on the other hand, had more than ten masters, and each one of them was an expert in physical combat.

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All of the competition members were about to arrive. The observers had already taken off as well. Kashawen was not so free. Of course, she would not really let Aina watch such a bloody scene.


This was what Lear had asked of Luo Fei. 10 tags was not the main point. Given his normal abilities, taking 10 tags was very dangerous, but given Luo Fei’s true ability, 10 tags was easy peasy. Even on the leaders’ island A, Fatty Luo Fei could still hold his own with the best.


Lear need not worry about himself. Given student Lear’s personality, if he did not come bothering you, you could count yourself lucky. If others wanted to cross him, it would be their own end. But Lear’s aims were not just that. Saruman Snake was basically finished, but to Lear, that meant f*ck all. The Dynasty battle team still needed battle results to prove themselves. Lear was not as shallow to think that his opponent’s failure equalled his success.


Dark element – a tendency similar to a human’s negativity. It had nothing to do with good or evil. Yet it had the negative ability to kill, and was often the most effective at it.


Jondi Lilick gave a sigh. What a pity. Lie Xins control of the Flames of the Blazing Angel was still at a very basic level. She could only use the most common attacking method. Papilsag clearly noticed this. Hence, he successfully lured Lie Xin into making that attack. But of course, the Atlanteans have once again demonstrated the invincibility of the Runic Matrices.


Ouyang Ruoliu had not been idle during this period. She had detailedly investigated Wang Zheng’s situation. This fella was simply a bit abnormal. He had started from scratch, from a poor fellow, to how he was today. It could be said to be a miracle. Although KO Group’s weight within the Milky Way Alliance was not yet seeable, he had built it from nothing. This was a totally different concept. Even with her family’s support, for her to be able to create a company that could reach that level would be very difficult. It was just that Wang Zheng was not an easy fellow to deal with – he had numerous confidantes, and all of them were whole-hearted towards him.


Even if they met in the main competition, such a psychological disadvantage would see him unable to bring forth his true power. And such a psychological disadvantage could not be erased. At least, at this age, he could not.



11 cyborg Zergs had been attracted by the firelight. Zhang Zhun had already stood up, awaiting them in stance. He wanted to remind Wang Zheng to put the fire out, but he held his tongue. Given Wang Zheng’s ability, he could not possibly not know. But now, what were they to do? 11 huge cyborg Zergs had surrounded them. Truthfully, seeing these huge Zergs bare their fangs and claws, even warriors like Zhang Zhun felt a chill. Especially when he was injured, he felt even more helpless. If he was in an uninjured condition, he had the confidence to take on one. But now…



Kashawen stood up as soon as she finished these words. It seemed that she suddenly remembered something. Mitchell, make sure that Wang Zheng and Saruman Snake receive the best medical care. Make sure the press gives him the due respect he deserves.


The surging power burned within Mu Zhens body. Mu Zhens body was becoming bigger. A stroke of lightning flashed from thin air. Under the clear sky, Mu Zhens body emitted countless lightning bolts.


Everyone present were masters. It was evident that Jondi Lilick’s confidence lacked blindness, even arrogance. It was very likely that the attack would bring irrecoverable fatal injuries to the opponent.

  • Streams of light filled with killing intent from the sword passed through whilst the Overlord just moved slightly to let it pass.
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