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“F*ck, what is Lear trying to do? Is he making Luo Fei carry the burden?” Zhang Shan was not content. “He is just a weakass!”


Achilles has indeed lived up to his reputation as the brain of Saruman Snake. But this battle must have really angered the Soulless battle team, said Si Jiali. Even she and Jondi Lilick had become more solemn. This was no longer a competition, but rather a real battle.


Lin Feng’s Knight of Holy Light shredded the teleportation box. This could only be used once, but the effects were rather good. Both the teleportation box and the edition of the new energy shield had been named as the most outstanding revolutions of mecha in the past decade.


Today, what Lear was facing was no longer the Earth that he was able to take control of, neither were they in the familiar Solar System – it was the completely unknown Milky Way Alliance. To strategize in this world, there would be a lot of things to do, so Lear would have no time to constantly look after Luo Fei.


Eve Litt frowned. As a fighter, she was not afraid of opponents hiding aces up their sleeves, but she disliked opponents that never give up. It seemed like she had misjudged Lie Xin.


Wang Zhengs appearance has awakened the memories I had of my home planet. When I was young, I once went to Earth. It was a beautiful planet. My ancestors were Earthlings, and even though it was many generations ago, when I stepped onto Earth, my heartbeat changed. It was a mysterious feeling. I have always believed that if there were miracles, they must originate from Earth!

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Not many people left the ship. Although the two ship cores had linked, and it was like a space city, the inside was not that different from the warship. It was just that because it had been lived in by many, it was softened by a more human design, and the atmosphere did not feel as severe as that of the warship.


The noise in entire arena peaked while waiting for the competition to start. For most of the people, this was the first time that they were watching an actual battle of this level. Excitement was inevitable.


Just then, the huge golden sword suddenly… stabbed towards Wang Zheng’s cockpit.


The team battle had begun. It was an absolute certainty that Mars would not be able to enter battle. Olivios led his Arbiter team members, all filled with wrath. They wanted revenge.


Moving forward was the ten days of break, and the arena would be rearranged. It was said that Aslan would be using a new material for the semi-finals arena space material, to erase the humiliation of the tofu dregs arena.


We are here. Xie Yuxin looked at the temples floor. It had patterns similar to Atlantis rune formations. His expression was calm. They had finally arrived.


Boneheads training was focused on building the physical self, creating a strong foundation for himself. Charcoal said that he did not possess any power. However, in actual fact, the biggest power that Charcoal controlled was knowledge. It was just like when he gave him tips about the Primordial Regression Technique.



The person who best understood Wang Zheng was definitely Lear. He knew what Wang Zheng was thinking with every move he made. Lear had a million reasons why he believed that Wang Zheng had found a way to break through the Runic Matrix. If not, Wang Zheng would never do something so pointless as to do closed door training.



We have analysed the cells. Active level is extremely high. It is equivalent to the level of genetic modifications. But the body has not gone through any genetic modifications or other modifications. Classified as normal human, said Sabot.


At this moment, everyone’s Skylinks rang. Just one look and they knew. The news was announced. HU would officially participate in the mining route project.


Ouyang Chuanyuns whole body appeared to be crystal clear. The people of the moon were determined to win, and it was the same for Aslan.

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